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Coming out of the Darkness: My Struggle with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

I’ve spent the last eight or nine months planning in my head how I was going to get this information out and into the world. For eight months I’ve seen myself doing a pre-recorded video discussing my struggles. I’ve also seen myself sitting and doing a live video on my personal Facebook page, or maybe my business Facebook page, or maybe in my Facebook group, or maybe on Instagram. Then it led to seeing me type it out in a blog and maybe attaching a video with it as well. All of this was in my head, down to the words I’d say/type, what I would wear, where I would be, all of it. However, it still never got done and made its way out of my brain. Well here is my essay. Here is my story, as I sit in a coffee shop sipping on pineapple green iced tea in downtown Nashua. Hello world, this is what happened to me and how I got through it:

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