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I Saw Him Again for the First Time

With “Mindset Monday” being tomorrow, I thought this would be a fitting blog post. If you’re in my Facebook Group, “Rise Up + Love Yourself”, or follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I was pretty MIA last week. I posted on “Mindset Monday” of last week and then had to step away from work and social media for the remainder of the week. Life was beginning to feel like it was all crashing down on me in all areas. It sucked. My husband and I realized some things weren’t going so well financially, we started arguing a lot, and to top it off, the kids were stressing me out big time and my four year old was not listening to me at all. I needed a break. We needed a break. Not a break away from each other, but just sort of a break from the outside world. We needed to sit down and discuss how we were going to fix each of these issues.

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