Lauren Dyer - Spiritual Meditation Mama
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As a virtual assistant, I help coaches scale their business faster by handling the non-income producing activities such as transcription, content creation, and social media management, allowing them the time to take on more clients and bring in more money.

 What I do:

I take your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and expertise and write engaging content for your audience for your Instagram, Facebook, groups, LinkedIn, blog, and/or email newsletter. I then schedule these posts for you, leaving you with more time to dedicate toward clients and the true profitable areas of your business.

Some of the tasks I assist with are:

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Management

  • Newsletter Creation & Management

  • Video/Audio Transcription

  • Basic Website Design


I’ve been working with Lauren for a few weeks and can notice a difference in my daily life. This is my first time working with someone to help organize my goals and get things in my personal and professional life on a path that I’m excited about. She even made me a weekly schedule to follow to help make sure I’m fitting in quality time for myself, my son, my relationship, and my business. I highly recommend working with Lauren.
— Melissa
This was my first time having a spiritual/life coach and I have been pleasantly surprised! We started out by going over goals, concerns, hang ups, etc. and ended up diving into some really deep and eye-opening revelations that have completely transformed my approach to living. What a relief to discover where some of these negative habits came from! Lauren gives me concrete exercises to work through things that I need to and her calm, gentle nature is a perfect match for exploring this part of my life that I hadn’t before. Overall, I feel like I’m living my life more intentionally and happier than I was in the past. Lauren, your passion and talent for your work is something so special and I’m thankful for your work!
— Jennah


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